Budget, Finance and Payroll

The Pensacola Police Department’s Budget and Planning Office oversees a $20 million dollar budget to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Among responsibilities of this office are payroll preparations, accounts payable functions, budget preparations, treasury management, internal auditing, and grants management plus monitoring the Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

Jeanne N. Griffin is the Department’s Budget & Planning Specialist. Mrs. Griffin began her career working with governmental entities in 1989 in South Carolina. She has worked with local, state and municipal governments as Director of Administration, Finance Director and Financial Services Officer. Mrs. Griffin completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resources Management in 1996 and her Master of Business Administration in 2011. She received her Government Finance Officers Certification in 2002 and graduated from the Advanced Government Finance Institute at the University of Wisconsin in 2007. Mrs. Griffin has worked on numerous major grant awards through Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development and various other funding sources over the years.

Mrs. Griffin can be reached via email at JGriffin@cityofpensacola.com or via telephone at (850) 435–1864.